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Different stones can be crafted in numerous ways. Each stone creates a different aura and has a different story to tell.
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Stone Flower Pots

Stone Flower Pots Stone flowerpots are lasting decoratives that adorn a room and enhance the flower arrangements. They can be put to a variety of uses like flower holders, planters and independent decorations. They make a typical style of gardening that can be called container gardening. They make good garden landscape products.

Stone flower vases can be cast in marble, sandstone, granite, soapstone, slate or soapstone. The size may vary from very small to very large, so does the shape. The intricacy of carving depends on the type of stone and artistic perception like sophisticated looks for a trimmed garden or cultural themes and rugged finish for a rustic look.

Marble, sandstone and soapstone generally portray adept craftsmanship and granite and other hard stones are given natural finishes. There are color variations in each stone type.

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