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Different stones can be crafted in numerous ways. Each stone creates a different aura and has a different story to tell.
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Stone Balustrades

Stone Balustrades The carved columns and pillars supporting a handrail are called baluster. The stone balusters have been used in almost all the civilizations for supports and décor. In the Western architecture long columns near the entrance were quite commonly used.

Marble and sandstone balustrades may be used in garden or patio landscape or staircases. Granite and lime stone and cast stone are used for balconies, terraces and gardens. Marble and sandstone can be carved and decorated with exotic patterns where as granite and limestone can be given a neat polished appearance. Rugged looking stones can be used for gardens to give it a wild antique look.

Stone balustrades are often used in big patios and driveways to give a regal look.

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