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Different stones can be crafted in numerous ways. Each stone creates a different aura and has a different story to tell.
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Soap Stone Crafts

Soap Stone Crafts Soap stone is the common name of the steatite metamorphic rock. It is a soft stone. It is formed beneath the earth and is quarried just like marble or granite.

Soap stone bird baths and sinks have been in use for ages. It is a water resistant inert stone. Alkalies and acids don't affect the soap stone as they do to marble, granite or limestone. Soapstone is most suitable foe counter tops, sinks, fountains and outdoor décor. Though it is soft and soapy to touch, it is absolutely non absorbent. Artistic figures can be chiseled out from soap stone. Carved soap stone sculptures adorn the gardens and open patios without getting damaged and withered for ages.

There are two soapstone varieties, artistic and architectural. Artistic soapstones have more talc content, are very soft and are used for carving, inlay work and as welder's pencils. Architectural soapstone have a little lesser talc and are used as counter tops, floorings and sinks.

Other soapstone products are shower stalls, bathtubs, fireplace surrounds, fireplace fireboxes, windowsills, lintels and planters. Their color range from white to gray or green and it has a typical soapy feel.

Indian soapstone quarries are present in Gujarat and Rajasthan. These states also excel in the crafting of soapstone.

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