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Different stones can be crafted in numerous ways. Each stone creates a different aura and has a different story to tell.
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Marble Crafts

Marble Crafts Amongst various stone crafts marble is one of the most cherished crafting stone. Marble crafts reached its peak in the Mughal era in Medieval India after the construction of Taj Mahal.

The intricacy in the marble carving, the marble inlay work and colored and painted marble handicrafts and statues still make one skip a beat. India has huge marble resources of all types of marbles. Indian craftsmen carry ages of experience in the marble crafts and are known for their skills.

The craftsmen still use the age-old tools. The geometric and floral patterns adorn the marble. The designs are cut on a brass sheet, traced on the ston and then chiseled. It is further decorated with inlay and painting and polished to give a shining smooth finish.

Agra is the most famous center for marble carving. It specializes in miniature Taj Carvings, trinket boxes, vases and lamps. Other important centers are Vrindavan, Mathura. Cities of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Udaipur and Bikaner are famous for intricate jali work on marble.

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