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Different stones can be crafted in numerous ways. Each stone creates a different aura and has a different story to tell.
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Hindu Statues

Hindu Statues Idol worshipping is quite prominent in Hinduism. Statues of Gods and Goddesses in their human and divine form are a must for any Indian family. Every house has a small idol of different Gods in their worship area; larger idols are also used for decorative purpose in rooms, gardens and patios.

The idol of Nataraj-A form of Lord Shiva is one of the most popular Hindu stone idols. Other sought after idols are that of Lord Ganesha, Lord Krishna, Goddess Durga and Saraswati. It is believed that these idols bring luck, wisdom and success. It is said, installing Lord Ganesha's idol at the entrance of home or office helps to remove all obstacles.

Hindu stone idols are available in antique and contemporary look. They are sometimes given an abstract form for decoration purpose. Large stone idols are expensive and act as an object of art. Marble and sandstone are preferred for big idols while soapstone is used for medium and large sized idols. Granite and limestone are other choices for manufacturing and designing beautiful idols.

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