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Different stones can be crafted in numerous ways. Each stone creates a different aura and has a different story to tell.
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Counter Tops

Counter Tops Counter tops are made from materials that are durable and easy to maintain. Another prerequisite is that it should look elegant. Stone counter tops combine all these qualities. One can select from varieties such as granite, marble, slate and soapstone. One can install a complete stone slab or go in for stone tiles. Stone counter tops are used in Kitchen, bathrooms, bars and shop counters.

Granite remains the countertop material that defines elegance. It is heat resistant and durable. It requires regular maintenance. Black marble is most suitable. Often seen in kitchens, soapstone is back in vogue. It is generally dark gray in color and has a smooth feel. Its most attractive benefit is that it is waterproof, heatproof and stain resistant. Marble offers the look of luxury. It is waterproof, heatproof but needs regular maintenance.

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